Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Prayer

I found this in my mailbox at school today...this sums up everything I need from God. I am so blessed to work with such Godly people. I am thankful to whoever wrote this for me.

Lord, I ask in your name that my child be healed.
I am willing to accept your decision no matter what it will be. I am willing to take on the responsibilities for caring for this child. I am willing to give this child love and understanding no matter the cost.

Please Lord help me accept the reality of what has happened without explanation or warning. Help me face that this is not my fault and that I was given a special task to complete here on Earth.

God give my child the strength to make it through another second, minute, hour, and day as each moment is a blessing and triumph from Heaven.

God, may you give the strength and compassion to the caregivers and nurses that take care of my child. May you keep my child protected and free from all injury and pain.

Please take away the guilt and burden from my heart dear Lord. It is heavy and I feel it is all my fault. Take it away Lord. Jesus please give me the strength that I need to communicate with the doctors and nurses.

As you see dear Lord, I am at your mercy for the life of my child. Please leave him here on Earth and know that I will provide all the love and understanding that this child needs. I accept the challenge and will be your humble servant. 

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  1. Oh what a beautiful prayer. I have you on my mind everyday and send you prayers. I'm not sure if you have seen this link or nit but String of Pearl ministries is a wonderful place for resources and also Sufficient Grace ministries. And you know that I am available for you whenever you need me