Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother's Day yesterday. I spent the day thanking God for giving me my amazing Bryce and also allowing me to be with Brayden this year. While most of the day was spent with my wonderful family, I did experience moments of sadness.  I kept thinking about what this day would mean to me next year. Would I be spending time with Brayden here on earth? There are so many unknowns. Sometimes, the thought of everything that is supposed to happen hurts so deep that I can't even comprehend it. For example, last Saturday Bryce and I went to a farmers market. Bryce was loving naming all of the fruit he saw (he LOVES fruit) and the owner was asking me all about him because she has a grandson around the same age. As I was leaving, she noticed my 28 week tummy and said "Oh, when is your other baby due?" I told her. She then said "Do you know what you're having?" I replied and then she said, "Aw, now this one will have someone to play with." I just smiled and agreed. It didn't make me sad, it was a feeling that I couldn't explain.  It just felt normal to agree with her, so I did.
Today we have our doctor's appointment. I didn't go last week. I have been feeling good movement and I just didn't want any more bad news since we had enough around us with the devastation the tornadoes left behind. I am anxious to see my sweet Brayden today. I will update later.
Please keep the prayers coming!

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